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In order to grow up with social responsibility as a reliable and sustainable global company,
SAMWHA PAPER Co., Ltd. has Implemented sustainable management system.

with Human Rights

Samwha Paper will respect human rights of interested parties, including every staff and will try to
implement 'management with human rights' for every management activity by following
'the Human Rights Charter.'

Prohibition of Discrimination
All employees are equal regardless of their background.
Discrimination without any reasonable grounds is against
company policy. Our corporate cultures respect
diversity of our employees. * 'Disabled Awareness Improvement Training' is being
conducted among all employees.
Prohibition of Harassment
Samwha Paper prohibits any acts which deteriorate the
working environment beyond appropriate scope of work.
And we implement a system to protect victims
and strive for prevention. * 'Sexual Harassment Preventing Training' is conducted among all employees.
Compliance with working conditions
Samwha Paper is putting efforts to enhance employees'
quality of life and competency development.
And comply with statutory working hours, break times,
and holiday regulations.
Humane treatment
Samwha Paper respects all employees' privacy and protects
personal information thoroughly. * 'Privacy protection training' is being conducted among all employees.
Freedom of Association and
Guarantee of Right
for Collective Bargaining
Samwha Paper guarantees workers' basic rights
to associate with collective bargaining.
Prohibition of Forced and Child Labor
Samwha Paper does not allow forced labor against
individual's free will.
Samwha Paper strictly complies with labor laws and
standards in case the company employs minimum
age employees.
Guarantee of Occupational Safety
To ensure that all employees can work in a safe
occupational environment, we regularly inspect
the workplace and comply with industrial
health management regulations. * 'Industrial Safety Protection Training' is provided to all employees.
Protecting Local Residents' Human
All employees of Samwha Paper ensure local resident's
human rights and protecting local residents'
rights of environment, safety, and freedom of residency
when carrying out business activities.
Customers' Human Rights
When providing products and services,
we take the best measures to protect personal
information collected through business activities.


Samwha Paper will pursue growth together with every kind of interested parties such as clients,
partners, and local society through ethical management in accordance with 'ethics regulation'.

Samwha Paper implements a transparent management policy that prioritizes the corporate's ethical
management when individual and corporate profit-seeking activities conflict with corporate
ethical management.

Commitment to Stakeholders

to Customers
Achieving customers' satisfaction with the best product and services.
Providing accurate information about products and services.
Protecting customers' interests and privacy.
to Partner Companies
Building a credible partnership through fair business trade
No unjust acting and No exerting influence are carried out.
to Employees
Prohibition of discrimination, and fair compensation is guaranteed.
Respect human rights and basic rights, and support employees'
Provide a secure work environment.

Prohibition of Corruptional Act

Prohibition of leaking corporate assets
and information
Protect physical assets, intellectual
property rights, etc.
Prohibit pursuing individual interests.
Prohibit leaking of corporate information externally.
Prohibition of Sexual Harassment
Any linguistic, physical, or visual activities that
may offend others and harmful relationships
are against company policy.
Prohibition of any political involvements
Prohibition of any political activities during
working hours.
Prohibition of political activities through
company's internal information.
Prohibition of Bribes
Employees do not accept bribes.
Prohibit providing any valuables/money
which is beyond social standards.
Employees do not accept or promise
bribes mutually.

Tip off for sustainable management

01. Reporter

Every staffs and relevant parties

02. Relevant cases

  • Prohibit workplace bullying, violation of equality, and corruption
  • Accepting bribes, unfair action, collusion, gifts
  • Violation of environmental regulation, human rights regulation, coexisting policies
  • Else of violation of sustainable management

03. Principle of Accusation

  • Write the report with 5W and 1H (Why, Who, When, Where, What, How)
  • Accusation must be proceed with real name of reporter.
  • In case of anonymous accusation, investigation can be started with obvious evidence.
  • Personal issue with staffs / relevant parties, slander, and false report are not applicable for investigation.

04. Accusation process

  1. Receipt Accusation
  2. Reviewing contents Person in charge of
    sustainable management
  3. Confirm the truth
  4. punishment or dismissal
    of accusation

05. Accusation method

  • Email : ethics@samwhapaper.com
  • Post : Management Support Team, 7th East, Eulji Twin Tower, 170 Eulji-ro, Jung Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

06. Protection of reporter

  • Protection of reporter is only available in case of accusation with real name or obvious proof.
  • Prohibit the publication of personal information of reporter without approval from him or her.
  • Trying to prevent any damage to reporter


In order to minimize any environmental effects of producing products, Samwha Paper will sustainably implement
environmental management by following environmental regulations for the entire process from the development
of the product to disposal.

Before Paper Production
All our papers are FSC® certified. We protect forests, do not use illegally cut timber,
and support eco-friendly global afforestation activities.
We also protect the earth by using Post-Consumer waste.
During Paper Production
All types of energy usage such as power, steam, and dye at each production step are controlled
under our measurement system. All types of chemicals safely guaranteed through
the external audit are used in paper production. The wastewater generated during
the production process is recycled back into the next paper production cycle. Also, it is purified and discharged to the local stream.
Samwha Paper strictly manages the carbon emission program according to the government’s
standards and is one of the few companies selected by the government as a green manufacturer
After Paper Production
Our production utilizes scrap papers generated from paper production.
Also, the sludge generated through the wastewater treatment system are used as green soil raw material. Green soil is our social environment work. It is a company activity making grass grow in places under difficult conditions for plants
to grow. Samwha Paper produces green soils' raw materials from sludge formed by the precipitation of suspended solids in the
factory's wastewater to help restore nature.

Social Contribution

Samwha Paper will always strive to make a sustainable society where everyone coexists together
by fulfilling social responsibilities and roles by carrying out various sharing activities and putting endless efforts
to protect the environment.

Environment Protection and Improvement
Samwha Paper practices local river purification activities in cooperation with local governments and NGOs.
Furthermore, by signing an MOU with Cheongju City, we implement activities reducing local air pollution and fine dust.
Welfare Activities
Samwha Paper encourages the welfare of employees and local communities through club activities and family
invitation meetings in our company. Moreover, we provide a small amount of support to senior citizens living alone
to pursue basic social rights guaranteed by the Constitution.