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Sustainability Management

Samwha Paper continues to practice social activities as a contribution to the local communities.
It is one of our key directions under sustainability management.

Samwha Paper implements environmental management activities in the entire production process
to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and roles. In addition, we continue sustainable management activities
for community development by supporting vulnerable people who need help in the region.

Environmental Management Activities - Climate Crisis Management

One of our goals is to minimize negative impacts on the environment.
Samwha Paper has implemented the following management system before and after paper production.

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    Before Paper Production

    All our papers are FSC® certified. We protect forests, does not use illegally cut timber,
    and supports eco-friendly global afforestation activities.
    We also protect the earth by using Post-Consumer waste.

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    During Paper Production

    All types of energy usage such as power, steam, and dye at each production step are controlled
    under our measurement system. All types of chemicals that are safely guaranteed through
    the external audit are used in paper production.
    The wastewater that was generated during the production process is recycled back
    into the next paper production cycle. Also, it is purified and discharged to the local stream.
    Samwha Paper strictly manages the carbon emission program according to the government's standard
    and is one of the few companies selected by the government as a green manufacturer.

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    After Paper Production

    Our production utilizes scrap papers that were generated from paper production.
    Also, the sludges that were generated through
    the wastewater treatment system are being used as a green soil raw material.

Social Contribution Activities

Samhwa Paper values environmental protection and welfare activities to grow with the local community.

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  • Environment Protection
    and Improvement

    Samwha Paper practices local river purification
    activities in cooperation with local governments
    and NGOs. Furthermore, by signing an MOU
    with Cheongju City, we implement activities
    to reduce local air pollution and reduce fine dust.

  • Welfare Activities

    Samwha Paper encourages the welfare of employees
    and local communities through club activities
    and family invitation meetings in our company.
    Moreover, we provide a small amount of support
    to senior citizens living alone to pursue basic social
    rights guaranteed by the Constitution.