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Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 Purpose

The purpose of providing the Terms of Service is to define the matters on use condition and procedures of the web service (hereafter referred to as the ”Service”) provided
by Samwha Paper Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as the “Company”).

Article 2 Effectiveness & Modification of the Terms

The Terms of Service are effective to all users using this service.
The contents of the Terms of Service are posted on the screen of the services partially or through other methods to take effect.
The Terms of Service may be modified randomly when there are significant causes in operation or business, and the modified Terms of Service are communicated
through the method specified in Section 2 in this Article to take effect.

Article 3 Regulations Other Than the Terms of Service

Matters not specified in this Terms of Service are applied according to laws including the Framework Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act and Act on Promotion
of Use on Telecommunications Network, and other relevant laws and guidelines set separately by the Company.

Article 4 Definition of Terms

Chapter 2 Use & Restriction of the Services

Article 5 Use of Services

Article 6 Restriction of Service Use

The Company may not provide the services in the following case.

Article 7 Collection and Use of Personal Information, etc.

Article 8 Attribution of the Copyright and Limitation in Use

Article 9 Suspension of Service Use

(1) In the case where the user conducts the following act, the Company may suspend the service use by setting a considerable amount of period.

(2) When the Company considers suspending the service use, the reason, date, and period must be set to be notified to the relevant user or representative through the methods including written
form (including e-document) or phone, etc. However, the service use may be suspended without the above notification when its urgency is acknowledged.

Article 10 Release of the Suspension on the Service Use

Chapter 3 Duties and Responsibilities

Article 11 Duties of the Company

Article 12 Duties of the User

The user must follow the provisions defined in this Terms of Service and relevant Acts and derivative regulations, and the following matters are prohibited.

Article 13 Compensation for Damages

The Company and the user must compensate for the damages when causing damage to the other party intentionally or by mistake regarding the use of the service. However, regarding the use
of service provided free of charge, the Company does not hold any responsibility for the damages that occurred if the contents set in the privacy policy are not violated.

Article 14 Exemption Provisions

Chapter 4 General Matters

Article 15 User Post Management

The Company may delete the contents posted or registered by the user without any prior notice when they are considered to be relevant to the following matters.

Article 16 Notification and Providing Information to the User

Article 17 Partial Invalidation

When partial regulations in this Terms of Service are invalid according to the relevant Acts and Subordinate Statutes, the effectiveness of this Terms of Service is maintained unless
it is not possible to accomplish the purpose with the remaining regulations, or unless it is unfair to the users.

Article 18 Court of Jurisdiction & Applicable Law

The competent court of the trial regarding the dispute that occurred between the Company and the service use shall be the court of the Republic of Korea, having jurisdiction according
to the Civil Procedure Code, and the applicable law shall be the laws of the Republic of Korea.

(Supplementary Provisions)
The Terms of Service are effective from February 15, 2021.