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Privacy Policy

‘Samwha Paper Co., Ltd.’ (hereafter referred to as the ‘Company’ or ‘Samwha’) has the following privacy policies according to the Personal Information Protection Act to protect
the personal information and rights of the users and to handle the complaints of the users regarding their personal information. The ‘Samwha’ Privacy Policy includes the following details.

1. Purpose of processing and using personal information

Samwha collects and uses the personal information of the customers for the following purpose and is not used for any purpose other than the following;
- Confirm information to provide product sample books, supply, and delivery of goods or services, etc.

2. Period of personal information possession and use

3. Providing personal information to a third party

The personal information is provided to the third party only when relevant to Article 17 of the Personal Information Protection Act such as consent by the owner of personal information
and special regulations according to the law, etc.

4. Exercising the rights and obligation for the entity owning the personal information and the legal representative

The entity owning personal information may exercise the following rights to protect personal information at any time against Samwha;

5. Personal information items processed

Samwha process following personal information;
       - Name, Address, Telephone No., Mobile phone No., E-mail

6. Destroying personal information

7. Matters on measures for securing the safety

The Company is taking the following measures to secure the safety of personal information.

8. Matters regarding operation and refusal of the automatic collection system on the personal information

9. Matters regarding the chief privacy officer

The Company is designating the following chief privacy officer for comprehensive responsibility on the work regarding the processing of personal information,
and for handling the complaints and damage relief of the entity owning the personal information regarding the processing of personal information.

10. Change of Privacy policy

This privacy policy is effective from February 15, 2021