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What is ‘Cookie’?

Cookies are small information pieces stored in the computer hard drive by the browser. This is used by the website browser as a mechanism to remember the operations that the browser performed in the websites visited in the past(For example, clicking specific buttons, login, or reading the website page one month or one year ago).

How does Samwha use the cookie?

Like other website operators, Samwha also uses cookies on the official website. Samwha uses the cookies to study the preference of the members during the website visit, and the website is customized based on this to enhance the member’s website experience. Samwha cookies collect the information on which pages and advertisements that have been viewed, the frequency of visit on a specific page, and the most popular area in the website, to be used to develop the website by reflecting the interests of the Samwha fans and customers. Samwha and a carefully selected the third party use the cookies to provide online advertisements more appropriately.
Generally, Samwha uses the following types of cookies:

Analytics/Performance Cookie:

The number of visitors is recognized and calculated, and the website visitor dynamic patterns are shown by using the cookie. It is used to improve the website by enabling easy access to the pages visited frequently by users.
Functional Cookie: This cookie is used to improve the functional performance of the website, and is the function for more convenient use.
Targeting Cookie: These cookies record the visit and browsing habits of the users such as the pages visited and links followed in the website. This is used to deliver the advertisements with more interest and relevance to the user, and can also be used to limit the number of advertisement views. In addition, the advertisement network or the Company may arrange the cookies under the approval of the Company. These cookies do not include any personal information of the user. For details on the cookie management method and to avoid being selected as the target, please refer to the following.
By continuing the use of the Official Samwha Website without selecting cookie deletion/block, the user agrees on these types of cookies being arranged to the user’s device.

Cookie Management

The user can manage the cookies by setting the internet browser with the option to refuse the cookies partially or completely. To manage the cookies through this method, please refer to the guideline with the relevant browser or to the online help file possible for use. Please visit tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout to avoid tracking in all websites.
Refusing the use of cookies may specify that the user may not use the additional functions of the Official Samwha Website partially, and please take into consideration that the access to specific areas of the website may be limited.

Modification of the Samwha Cookie Policy

Samwha is continuously reviewing the policies and procedures of the Company through the goal of satisfying the high standard. The Company may modify the use or cookie arrangement method intermittently. Therefore, the Company recommends the users check this page regularly to review the current policy and implementations by Samwha.

Inquiry regarding cookie Department: Design Team Personnel: Moon Eun-jung, Manager Tel. No.: +82-2-6395-6245 E-mail: ejmoon@samwhapaper.com